Cherry cupcake vape

Cherry Cupcake Vape Juice


A slightly tart black cherry on the intake with a full rich cherry vanilla cake on the exhale. Try this cherry cupcake delight, it just might be that all day vape you've been looking for.


I do believe i have legitimately found my favorite cherry eliquid … i’m blown away with flavor, upon inhale i personally taste a cherry cake flavor, not an overpowering cherry either, it is perfectly blended, i pick up creamy hints of vanilla midway through with a slight tartness upon exhale, the cloud “vapor” production is really great, the aroma it gives off is quite pleasant, I could easily vape this all day and not get tired of it,




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Watch this product review for Cherry Cupcake vape juice. She didn’t love it but we’re always about full disclosure here. She does use adult language so NSFW!

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A slightly tart black cherry on the intake with a full rich cherry vanilla cake on the exhale. Try this cherry cupcake delight. I intended this to be a treat but I’ve been told it’s an all day vape for some friends.

Cherry Cupcake Vape Juice

Our Cherry Cupcake Vape Juice as well as all of ourjuices are made fresh. In some cases they may require a little time to “steep”. Steeping vape juice is similar to steeping tea. As it stands, the flavors become more pronounced. This is accomplished best in the dark. I always store my juice in a dark cupboard. This is the reason we don’t offer any express shipping options. That extra day or two sealed in a dark package will mean your juice has had a little steeping time before you get it.

Our juice is always made with the highest quality ingredients. USP Food Grade 99.7% Pure Vegetable Glycerin (VG), USP Food Grade 99.9% Pure Propylene glycol (PG), Propylene glycol based food flavorings and Laboratory Grade Nicotine Solution based with either VG or PG. You’ll never find anything else. Buy some Cherry Cupcake Vape Juice today!

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10 ml, 15 ml Cobalt Blue Bottle, 30 ml, 30 ml Cobalt Blue Bottle, 60 ml Cobalt Blue Bottle


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