vape juice affiliate program

Vape Affiliate Program Description

By signing up for our vape affiliate program you agree to the following terms. This program can be terminated at any time by with all commissions paid at that time. Our affiliate relationship with you can be ended by you or us at will.


Our vape affiliate program is your chance to make some cash selling the vape juice you love. Our program pays you a 20% commission on sales of FRUITeJuice vape juice. (Commissions do not apply to shipping charges.)

We’ll pay you once per month by the 15th day following the end of the month in which commissions are earned. For example, you’ll be paid by February 15th for sales in January. We’ll pay you through your Paypal account which means you’ll get your money quickly.

When you sign up you’ll be assigned a unique link. You can use that link wherever you can share links. Facebook, Twitter, your website, anywhere you want. If a customer clicks that link a cookie is set on our site. If the customer makes a purchase you’ll get 20%!

You can also contact us to request a coupon code. The coupon works in a similar fashion. The added benefit is that your customer gets a 5% discount as well. Want to get more for you customer? You can adjust your customer discounts from your commission share. Want them to get a 10% discount? We’ll give them 5% and you can reduce your commission by 5%. While we don’t recommend this over long periods it may be a good way to introduce your customers to our juices. Click here to sign up!

Have a vape shop connection? We’ll be happy to discuss a finder’s fee for wholesale customers. Get creative, we’re open to suggestions. Use our contact form to connect.